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Are you

  • exhausted by the constant thought overload in your head?

  • always feeling on edge, fearful or worried?

  • able to 'be there' for others but always putting yourself down or last?

  • fed up with anxiety or grief overshadowing you life and stopping you do the things you want to?

Does it feel like it's always going to be like this? 

It doesn't have to be! We only get one life so let me help you to:

  • make sense of & understand your past & repeating patterns

  • learn how to manage anxiety and/or grief & challenge your inner critic 

  • develop self compassion & acceptance

So you can take back control and make positive changes in your life!

Whether you have been struggling since childhood or only recently experiencing anxiety due to bereavement and/or changes in your life, I work with people across a wide range of ages from young people, parents to older people. It's never too late to take that step and take back your life!

I am down to earth and while I will challenge you, I go by your lead on what you want to focus on and for how long. I integrate a range of approaches (incl. talking therapy, CBT & Mindfulness) in response to your unique needs. 


I provide 1:1 (50 mins) weekly sessions for individual adults. 

I offer online (video), telephone or face to face therapy.

Just text, email or call me with any questions/queries particularly regarding *online as I can talk you through the set up.

See what my clients have said by clicking here>

Therapeutic Counselling & Clinical Supervision & CBT in Broadstairs, Thanet 

Click here to send me a message via my contact page

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